Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quick Healthy Breakfasts

It occurred to me this morning while doing a lovely run in Great Windsor Park that many people still do not realise the importance of having breakfast. Breakfast literally "breaks the fast" that we have during the night and the result of going without breakfast is that by the time we get to mid morning, we are so starving that we overeat. The ideal is never to get over-hungry.

So, if you do not feel like making porridge every morning with honey and banana which really is the best breakfast, try a couple of these quickies:

Superfood smoothie
I have a great naturopath who started me on "superfood" which you can just stir into apple juice in the morning. It is full of vitamins and minerals, high in B vitamins and B12. Even better is if you do some apple juice, 2 tablespoons of superfoods, 1 banana, a couple strawberries, 5 or 6 raspberries and 10 blueberries and whizz with a handblender. Tastes great and will keep you going all morning.

Ultra Meal
My favourite flavour is vanilla and you take 2 scoops in about a pint of water. My naturopath says that it is the same as taking a multi-mineral and multivitamin except that you drink it and it is the equivalent of taking a massive vitamin/mineral pill. I find that this will last me through the morning if I have a rushed morning. Cost is equivalent to a daily latte but much better for your health! You can buy it from Nutri.

Yoghurt, Honey and Oats
I learnt this one from one of my friends. Natural bioyoghurt is best with no sugar, Manuka honey and raw rolled oats (not the readybrek stuff) all mixed together and add chopped banana. It is very quick to make and very filling.



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