Monday, September 04, 2006

The UMPH plan

Like everyone, I got out of my exercise routine over the past couple of months so am happy to be back to the gym. So yesterday, while doing my cardio, I realised that there are many aspects for life to be quite balanced when it comes to health. I thought I would give the 6 aspects a nice name: The UMPH Plan which stands for Ultra Mental Physical Health.

3 aspects keep us in great physical health: fitness, nutrition and sleep. And another 3 aspects keep us mentally healthy too: a job / work / a hobby we love that challenges us, relationships (ie friends, family, significant other) and rest / relaxation, ie switching off from work.

These 6 aspects are shown in the above diagram. I plan to come up with some questions / statements so that you can figure out a score for each of the 6 areas. Keep posted!